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We are the countries of the world to give advice to you~ We will answer the best we can that will help you live happily and right~

Come tell us your troubles~
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 20, 2011


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103 Members
132 Watchers
8,230 Pageviews
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We are Always Here for You.

I apologize for not checking this group often, but it becomes rather difficult to edit and dealing with work at the same time without getting scolded by my superior.

Basically, this group is an advice group where you can ask for guidance from a country of your choosing. We are here for you with our arms open wide and are willing to listen and help you the best way we can.

Now you do not have to ask for a serious question--only if you need the serious advice. All types of questions and comments are welcome besides those of being out of line and/or rude. I do not condone such inappropriate behavior. We are here to help you and try to have you live happy, healthy, safe, and accordingly to what is just and right.

Now do not be shy~ We welcome you Please do not hesitate to come to us for anything.


Rules & Regulations [UPDATED DAILY]

With rules--I am STRICT. So listen up and I will not have to curse you.

Making an Advice Account

:bulletred: Please understand that the advice accounts are meant to help people and not become another fad that soon loses its meaning and soon gains many haters. I do not want a lot of OCs or very minor characters becoming advice accounts just because there are so much countries and OCs out there. We are not such a popular group and not yet well known yet--that last thing I want is to have someone quit because they are not well known..that is why I say the popular characters are needed and not the minors.

Now we already have all the canon/well-known/popular characters, but if you are wanting to make an advice account you MUST ask me first! And you MUST provide evidence to why he/she would be an evident addition to our group and how popular/well-known she/her is--but that only applies to official characters (Ones that were officically drawn or introduced in the comic/manga). Or, if you choose an OC you must give reason and evidence to how he/she would make a good addition to give advice. Advice is not something to take lightly and some questions require MATURE answers (by no means do I mean explicit material).



:bulletred: You may contribute questions for advice, thank yous, or fanart of our group or the characters in the group in general, to the gallery. Cosplay is accepted as well, but it must relate to the HetaliaAdvice group. Mainly--you may submit anything that has your character in it in general, but remember why we are here! To help! If you have a question about a deviation you want to contribute, please contact me in either a note or comment.

:bulletred: Be nice for the love of God. I have seen too much inappropriate and rude behavior in my lifetime. NO FLAMING, BASHING, TROLLING, OR DISRESPECT TO THE COUNTRIES GIVING ADVICE, OTHER MEMBERS/DEVIANTS, OR PAIRINGS. I have a ZERO tolerance policy.

:bulletred: Please ask appropriate questions. ^^ We are an ADVICE group, thus being more serious because we as countries have lived long enough to know the troubles and worries of this world we live in and want to help you so you can live happily and accordingly~ So try to not ask crack questions--you can, but we may not answer (If it is too cracky or inappropriate to the point where we don't want to say anything). Now we do answer non-serious questions, but there is a fine line between non-serious and completely ridiculous crack. Just ask what you want and it will all depend on the country you ask~ We answer most questions whether it be for advice or not just so you know~

:bulletred: Remember you are not limited to asking for advice from our profiles or anywhere else where it is public. You may ask us in a note if you wish to keep it private.


:bulletblue: If you want to post up a question from one of your advice-seekers as a deviation, please ask for their permission first. You can also tell them that you can censor out their personal information. Either that or let everyone know that you will be submitting an answer deviation if they ask you a question as a comment on your profile or anything public--anything else like in note...DO NOT POST.

:bulletblue: You may answer serious or non-serious questions of anykind. Whether it be for advice or not, but as deviations it MUST be an advice question/answer--meaning you must be able to give advice on the question somewhere in the deviation.

:bulletblue: If you do not know how to answer a certain question asked, do not risk giving them the wrong advice. Instead deny them kindly, supply reason, and inform them that another country could help their problem. Even though we have lived for years and years that could have us live hundreds of livetimes, we are not perfect and do not know the answers for everything, but others may.

:bulletblue: Be nice. I know not all of you can keep that up for a certain period of time, but at least try. Meaning... NO FLAMING, BASHING, TROLLING, OR DISRESPECT TO OTHER COUNTRIES GIVING ADVICE, MEMBERS/DEVIANTS, OR PAIRINGS. I have a ZERO tolerance policy. Do NOT underestimate me. I have NO tolerance for these kinds of behavior whatsoever.

Any other questions and/or concerns, please contact me.

With love,


.::List of Countries::.

[X] inactive, [O] active, [?] unsure






































[O] NetherlandsAdvice
(I'm surprised I did not put this journal here...shame on me!)

You heard, er, read right.

People come and go and things change. That's exactly what is happening here in our beloved group.

I have looked through the list I made in the group of all members (active, inactive, or unknown) and I have taken the time to create each inactive account.

The ones that I am unsure whether or not it is active I have left alone. And the only one I did not make that is inactive is Romano (Both accounts seem to be inactive, having the second one made I was unaware of, and it seems like an eyesore to have two hyphens in the account name so I left it alone). I have also added two new characters that were not originally in the group. Now these are brand new, just-made accounts. I have done nothing to them besides make them and provide the correct birthday for them (besides the year).

The OPEN accounts/characters are (UPDATE: I have added two new people in the bottom of this list, not counting Cuba and Seychelles):


And please welcome these two new birds!


Now first come, first serve applies here right? That easy?

Nah. Sorry, lovies.

It's not that simple anymore.

Those who want to become a part of the advice givers on HetaliaAdvice with an advice account need to satisfy each requirement.

--MUST not abandon the account D: Meaning don't leave it inactive that's all I ask.
--Must hold the responsibility of giving true and sincere advice to those who ask for your help. Lead them to the right path that is best for them.
--Be kind and considerate to others and your team! I won't condone bullying or any sort of harassment I may see in you.
--I need to see if you are capable of holding this responsibility because the questions asked are not all easy to answer. There are people who pour out their hearts to us and I need to make sure that you know how to answer and/or know how to handle them. So if you apply here for a character in the comments, I will ask each of you a question and it is your job to answer it the best you can to help.
--Along in your comment to apply for a character please state why you would be a helpful addition to the advice members.
--Now you can try to stay in character, but I know it is not possible 100 percent of the time. Just do your best, loves.

Now take your time on these! I am looking for detailed and very heart-spoken comments if you want to apply! If I have chosen you I will need your email to change the account's email then I will send you the account pass and then you are all set!

Good luck all of you!

With all the love,
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SomeRandomGal9 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
I wonder if this is such a good idea, but here it goes. I am not a member of this group. I am simply a user that surfs it every three-ish days helping people who are asking for advice when most of the accounts are abandoned. If you are hoping for advice from a character, I will probably disappoint you, but I still want to help if I can. It is never too late for advice.
Grapeglowstickbaby Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey, have a relationship problem... if you want to help it's on a journal called "Help Wanted..."
danidoodlebug Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
dear :iconcanadaadvice:,
are you single? :icononionloveplz:
dani :iconkisuplz:
danidoodlebug Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
dear ~CanadaAdvice,
how come sometimes when a really close friend, a person who hangs out with you all the time, has the same hobbies as you, suddenly...treats you as if you were'nt there, when you say "hi" she just says "hey" and walk away. i know this is really akward but, ARE YOU SINGLE? :icononionloveplz:
dani :iconkisuplz:
CanadaAdvice Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Dear ~danidoodlebug,
This could be for many reasons. They may be upset with something you've done, and they may not know a good way to confront you about it and they are taking a more passive approach that doesn't involve any confrontation. They could also be overwhelmed with work/school and not really have the time to concentrate on friends. They might even need some space because good friends do need some time apart every once in a while.
I would suggest you ask them why they've been avoiding you and try and do what you can to make it so that your friendship stays intact, whether that be making up from a disagreement you didn't know happened or spending a little time with other friends.

And yes, I am single.

danidoodlebug Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh ok thanks so much! *gives you maple syrup
CanadaAdvice Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
No problem! I hope everything works out okay for you and your friend!
EnglandAdvice Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
But I do guess, keeping track of everyone wouldn't hurt, that way everyone is known. Ah... difficulties.
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